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Repairs and Upgrades
Repairs, Virus Removal, upgrades, and installs, Memory, CPU Processors, Motherboards, Hard Drives, CD-ROM, DVD Drives and anything else your computer may need.
Consultany service
Is it advice you need? Do you want to know the present state of your system or network? What options are available for your present system? Is it better to upgrade or replace? These and many more questions. If we don't know the answer, We will be glad to research it for you.
Computer Upgrades
If your machine is struggling to provide the performance and functionality for the tasks you need it to do, talk to us about its upgrade potential before rushing headlong into the purchase of a new system.
In most cases, it is still more cost effective to upgrade than to replace.
Talk to us first before you make any decision on a new system and find out just how much you could save by upgrading your existing hardware and software package.
This is an often overlooked factor in keeping your PC running efficiently and trouble-free. A computer's performance will inevitably degrade after a period of time due to many factors. Speak to us about our computer 'Health Check' which we carry out for many of our clients where we can diagnose and rectify problems with the machine, quickly and simply before they become a severe problem and lead to total system failure.

Software Support

Some of the software services we offer:

Program installs, configurations and updates.

Operating System customization and optimization.

Problem troubleshooting.

Software configuration, and tests.

Virus detection and removal.

Courtesy machine if required.

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